Want to become a model?

What to do first! 

Here are some guidelines to follow to submit your information and pictures. If you are under 18 years old, it is very important to have your parents know about the modeling goals. We will need to know all about your physical features. 

Height, Waist, Bust, Hips, Hair Color, Eye Color, Shoe Size and Location. Now comes the digitals. We need 2 sets of pictures from you(examples provided below). Also, we want you to look natural so No Makeup Please!

Send all submissions to:  rachel@cwtalent.com

When taking your pictures please try to refrain from clutter in the background. For example, try to have a plain wall for your background.

GIRLS-First set: Bikini (preferably black) with high heels 

GIRLS-Second set: Casual T-shirt or Tank with Skinny Jeans and high heels

BOYS-First set: Jeans (any color) and No Shirt